Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sweet Dreams

i posted this little lady when she was a work in progress a few weeks ago, just finished her yesterday (slow i know!)... blame the silly season.

also, just wanted to wish everyone an amazing new years, and a little reminder to dream big for 2010 xxx

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i love the rain the most

rain is so beautifully cleansing. thousands of small promises of something new and fresh.

images sourced from tumblr, image two by scarabuss.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Erin Petson

Erin Petson's work is just beautiful. I can stare at it for hours... not only because it's pretty amazing but also because i am in awe of the way she combines controlled line work with unpredictable splashes and swooshes... yum.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the age of feminine drawing

I have just come back from a little holiday in queensland which was utter and pure bliss!!! my week was full of lazing in the sun, silly dancing, laughing and inappropriate conversations... perfect!

Through exploring the West End of Brisbane, my friends and i found THE best bookstore ever, called the Avid Reader. They had such a huge design, art, craft section AND you get your book in a thick brown paper bag... OH I LIKEY!

so here are a few pics of my purchase, The Age of Feminine Drawing. If you like dreamy illustrations, you have to get your hands on it. It is a showcase of over 100 artists work and includes some of my faves like Stina Persson, Audrey Kawasaki and Erin Petson.

It was released in 2007 and i hear that the follow up... New age of feminine drawings is just about to be unleashed. This is possibly one of the best books i have ever bought, not only for the inspiring content but for the stock used and all the little details.

Ahhhhh, i think i am in love...

artists featured above image 2 - Noriyuki Nakamura, Image 3 -Mari Kubota, Image 4 - Stina Persson