Monday, November 23, 2009

Once Upon

Just arrived home from sydney... soooo sleepy!! The LeeLoo Once Upon exhibition held at Ambush gallery was such a great night, can not believe how many amazing people I got to meet and how beautiful all the work was, seriously inspiring stuff!!

Above are my four pieces based on the lovely Snow White. You can view all the other amazing artwork and also buy them.... here

To those who bought one of my pieces... thankyou xx
It was pretty unreal to have had them all sell before i even arrived!! If you couldn't get one on the night more prints will be available through LeeLoo by the end of the week, contact the lovely Renee with any queries and she will help you out.

Also, a huge thanks to Angela and Renee from LeeLoo who put in an amazing amount of work, love and energy into the show. xx

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

something fishy

Little illo for Sumptuous mag christmas issue.
Unfortunately there were no crabs in the story :(

Sooooooo excited to meet everyone at once upon exhibition... feels like a little family! See you all in sydney tomorrow night.

PS. anyone in or around sydney, come along! it should be a magical night xx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

all i want for xmas...

i love love love pj's. i would live in them, if it ever became socially acceptable... perhaps if you look as cute as Alyssa Sutherland in them it may?

peter alexander you are the pj king.

mum... i know you read this....

Thursday, November 12, 2009


i have a little bit this week. lets call it stress.
but instead of unleashing it on unsuspecting strangers i drew it out.
needs a bit of needle work yet, but all most there.

ohhhh a big thankyou to the very sweet miss moose for giving me a one lovely blog award!!
Aww, so nice! Drop by and say hi to her and her lovely blog... its too cute.

Now i'm off to research crustaceans for my sumptuous mag illustration...
I'm picturing 'girl with crab'.
must tell editor not to add a 's'.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

for no particular reason.

A friend and i have started this little tradition of emailing our random sketches/paintings to each other as works in progress, it is such a nice relief from the... can you design this by yesterday email (eeek), or those lovely ones that go somewhat along the lines of "hello my name is Ahmed Zongo and i have a business proposition for you, please just help me transfer millions of squillions somewehere".

no. not right now. i am busy.

so anyway, i thought i will share with you what i sent her today.